22 Feb 2009: 11 new images were added into gallery MAGIC STRAMBERK.

04 Jan 2009: 12 new images were inserted into gallery REALM OF ROCKY GIANTS.

20 Jun 2008: The english version of this site is completed.

11 Jun 2008: New gallery ABOUT GIRL'S BEAUTY with 10 pictures was added.

19 Mar 2008: The gallery THE ALPS PASTORALE with 76 pictures was opened.

06 Jan 2008: 16 pictures from fascinating monasteries on tops of rocks at Meteora were added into gallery AT ZEUS'S THRONE.

12 Dec 2007: 47 pictures were added into gallery ON THE ROOF OF AMERICA.

18 Oct 2007: The gallery MAGIC STRAMBERK with 50 pictures was declassified and the front page structure was changed. Full and prepared galleries were separated for better orientation and in the lower part of the page the frame with news was placed, which was removed from the main menu.

30 Sep 2007: As I got information from several sources that script, which was used for openning the pictures after clicking on the preview, doesn't work allways well, I replaced it with the new one from http://jquery.com/demo/thickbox and I adjusted it to meet my requirements. I hope now it's OK.

8 Sep 2007: As there are two exhibitions ahead of me in October and November I added a new webpage here, where you can find invitations for openings and further information about my exhibitions. All web pages were adjusted for correct display in case the visitor looks at screen with width less than 1000 pixels.

2 Sep 2007: There were 29 pictures inserted into the gallery PICTURES FROM BESKYDY MOUNTAINS. The number of visitors of these pages has risen above 300, which really delighted me.

22 Aug 2007: There were 11 new pictures inserted into the gallery OTHERS and 8 into TRIFLES AND DETAILS.

15 Aug 2007: At last there are first changes - in the gallery AT ZEUS'S THRONE there are 36 new pictures. In the page VISITOR'S BOOK a new menu bar was added for better control.

1 Aug 2007: At last on advice of my friends I created my virtual photogallery and placed in on the internet. It's like a newborn baby so I ask the visitors for their toleration. Meanwhile there are filled galleries PAMIR STOPOVERS (56 pictures), REALM OF ROCKY GIANTS (Dolomites - 35 pictures) and PICTURES OF BESKYDY MOUNTAINS (12 pictures). Another pictures and texts will be gradually added.